How satisfied are you with your Tax Accountant ??

Are you completely satisfied with the service your Certified Public Tax Accountant provides for the fee you pay him? - or - Do you know if you are overpaying your Certified Public Tax Accountant for what he delivers??

Would you like to receive unquestionable professional services for a mominal fee for all your tax related matters??
Do you have your rertirement planning? -or- Do you think it's too late or too early to start planning your retirement??
Does your Certified Public Tax Accountant provide financial management consulting services on a monthly basis??
Would you like to turn your company into a more profitable and growth company??
The Fee starts from 5,000 Yen per consultation.

Service of our office will be
Various tax consultation & return file for Personal Income tax , Consumption tax,Donation tax, Inheritant tax, Security tax, Transfer of real estate tax, life planning & Retirement planning., etc.
*Company establishment, Accounting, Management Consulting, Tax strategy for company management, etc.
*Enriched experience with foreign affiliated firm will enable to serve you with US,GAAP accounting rules.
*Not only Book Keeping job, but prepare various Financial statement reporting.
*Will communicate with you on Bi-Lingual.

Contact:Lifetime Limited
Attn: Miki Ichikawa
Telephone: 03-3755-5862